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What is SuperStamps +

SuperStamps v4 gives you access to more than 2,800 stamps that you can access directly from your Snagit Editor, only a click away. SuperStamps also works in Camtasia and most other desktop business applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other graphics, video, presentation or business software.

Stamps in Snagit - An Introduction +

If you’re already an experienced Snagit user, go ahead and skip this section.

This description is made for the PC version, but the options in the Mac version are very similar.

Stamps are extremely versatile in Snagit. You can resize them, add shadows, change opacity and freely move them around your document. You can place several on top of each other or combine them together.

Once the stamps have been installed into Snagit, you access them directly in the Snagit Editor in the Stamps section under Tools. For installation instructions, see the separate pdf document that came with this package.

You find the stamps in the tools section, under the stamp with a star icon.


To access the SuperStamps, click the small More button to the right of the stamps.

sstampsSnagit02Apart from your SuperStamps collection you will also have a number of natively installed stamps in this section. The SuperStamps are placed and organized in the folders numbered 001 to 099. You also find an overview of every stamp in the collection in this book.

Once a stamp has been placed in your document, you can use the effects to add a shadow, change the opacity or rotate it. Shadow and Opacity is found under Effects. To rotate the stamps, grab the small green point on the stamp.

Installation on Snagit for Mac +

On Snagit for Mac you can install SuperStamps as an installer. The steps are outlined below.

1)   Download the SuperStamps download file. It comes packed as a zip file. Do not unzip it. (If you are using Safari browser, please see unzip instructions below)

2)   Open the location where you saved the download in the Mac Finder application

3)   Select the downloaded zip file.

4)   Press enter to begin renaming the file

5)   Change the extension from .zip to .snagitstamps


6)   Press enter to complete the rename

7)   Select use .snagitstamps on the dialog that displays


8)   Double-click the snagitstamps file

sstampsSnagitMac3Installation of SuperStamps will now start and after installation has been completed you will find your SuperStamps in the Custom Stamp folder.







Using Safari Browser

If you are using a Safari browser your document will unzip automatically. Before downloading the file you will need to change a few settings.

1)   When you download a .zip file in Safari, it will first appear as a file named SuperStampsv4SC.zip.download in your Download folder. As soon as the download is completed the file is automatically unzipped into a matching name folder, and the .zip extension is removed from the folder name.

2)   To prevent this behavior (so you can rename the file and import it), go to Safari Preferences before you download the SuperStamps.zip, and uncheck the box at the bottom of the general tab marked Open “safe”…. (see image below)

3)   This will prevent the file being automatically unzipped, and you can rename the file and import stamps using the steps outlined above.



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